Peel Back the Layers of These Citrus Industry Insights

ADM's technical director, Global Citrus, Zareena Valappil, pens 'Citrus: A Joyful Burst of Sensory Cues' in the December issue.
ADM's technical director, Global Citrus, Zareena Valappil, pens "Citrus: A Joyful Burst of Sensory Cues" in the December issue.

CoverPerfumer & Flavorist+'s (P&F+December issue is live, and this month, the name of the game is citrus! Read up on all the latest developments in the citrus market, flavor formulation, oil extraction, lemon production and more. Readers can also explore a new "Perfumer Notes" column, "Flavor Bites" feature and the 2023 P&F+ editorial calendar in the pages ahead.

Editor's Note: The Citrus Market Bares Fruit & Concern by managing editor Jenna Rimensnyder

Product Roundup featuring Natural AdvantageSymriseManeCrystals DropBerjeIndesso AromaMilliporeSigmaOamic Ingredients and Elemental Container Inc.

Profiles featuring Pierre Bénard, creative perfumer and Simon Merrills, perfumer, Argeville

Flavor Bites: Linalyl Acetate by John Wright

Application of Gas-Liquid Chromatography to the Analysis of Essential Oils Part 1 of 2 by M.J. Milchard

Production Of The 4-Thujanol Flavoring Agent In Crystal Form by Denis Rontein

Perfumer Notes: Nature’s Treasures by Neha Okhade, perfumer, Agilex Fragrances

The New Nootkatone: Reducing Dependence on Citrus Oils While Preserving Signature Taste by Dawn Streich and Chad Hansen, Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing

IFEAT Socio-Economic Report On Lemon by Peter Greenhalgh

Citrus: A Joyful Burst of Sensory Cues by Zareena Valappil, technical director, Global Citrus, ADM

2023 Perfumer & Flavorist+ Editorial Calendar Revealed

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials by Cyndie Lipka, principal flavorist, Bell Flavors and Fragrances

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