Cheers to Holiday Brews

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Holiday Brews

Just in case the cousins fail to coordinate desserts (again), keep some of these festive drinks on hand this holiday season. With a wide range of flavors and brews, there will be something to please everyone around the table.

Julian Hard Cider Apple Pie:  Caramelized sugar, apple, brown sugar and cinnamon flavors lend themselves to this cider’s apple cobbler aroma.

Deep River Pumpkin Pie Porter: Brewed with real pumpkin, this spiced porter is reminiscent of ever-popular pumpkin lattes with toasted almond and coffee bean flavors.

High Water Sugaree Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie: Vermont maple syrup, bourbon and charred marshmallow help to give this ale its nougat and toffee scents, finished off with vanilla-laced whiskey.

Ocean City Mad Scientist: Roasted pecan shell, graham cracker crust and dark baker’s chocolate give this pecan pie-chocolate stout its caramel and nutty scent.

Pigeon Hill OCP Oatmeal Creme Pie: Warm oats, cinnamon, and almost-roasted malts will remind you of Grandma’s oatmeal raisin cookies in this spiced brown ale.

Piney River Sweet Potato Ale: Cinnamon and nutmeg are blended with caramel and yam flavors to create this spiced beer.