Patent Pick: Caramel-coat It


Suddenly, her jowls burst with juicy taste she'd never unwrapped before from gum. She searched her memory. What is this strange flavor? The inventor on this patent application lets you decide.

Coated chewing gum with a hard caramel layer
U.S. Patent Application 20160021910
Publication date: Jan. 28, 2016
Inventors: A. Müller-vivil (Offenburg, Germany)

This invention relates to a chewing gum that has a chewing mass and a hard caramel coating. The mass contains a gum base, at least one sugar and/or sugar substitute, at least one sweetener, a softening agent and optionally a flavor. The caramel coating contains at least one sugar and/or sugar substitute, at least one sweetener and water.

According to the inventor, by encasing the chewing mass with a hard caramel layer, flavors that normally cannot be used in chewing gums can now be used, allowing for new flavor combinations that do not react with one another and cause a bitter taste. It also enables lower flavor doses, provides a good initial taste and imparts a consistent flavor release during the chewing process.

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