A Sugar Alternative for the Sweet Tooth Addict


Companies are on the lookout of the amount of sugar included in foods and beverages in addition to the sugar tax implementation in 2018. Omega Ingredients is responding to this with the launch of a powder natural sugar alternative, ΩMegaSweet.a

“With other sweeteners, natural and unnatural, the end flavor result often leaves a bitter or even astringent after-taste, meaning products no longer resemble items the nation know and love,” said Steve Pearce, co-founder of Omega Ingredients and biochemist. “That’s why we have designed ΩMegaSweet—to combat the challenges faced by the food manufacture industry ahead of the sugar tax.”

Key Drivers to Less Sugar

This ingredient is a new powdered version of the company’s 100% natural liquid flavor system, which can be used to manufacture dry foods and beverages including ice cream, breakfast cereals, tomato sauce, baked beans, biscuits and cakes.

It allows for a sugar-like taste without the after-taste, which is a new achievement in the flavor industry as no other sugar alternatives are able to reach this outcome.

Reducing Sugar Content

ΩMegaSweet has tested a 30% reduction in sugar content of a product, while beverages reach up to 50% less sugar.

Additionally, the ingredient can be utilized to boost the flavor profile of a finished product and tailored to carry notes such as citrus, cola or any botanical blend the client requires.

“ΩMegaSweet offers brands a radical solution to the global issue of sugar reduction,” explained Pearce. “Usually, when you replace natural sugars with artificial sweeteners, you don’t just lose the calories, you also sacrifice the familiar ‘mouth-feel’ of products, as well as the taste sensation created by the Maillard reaction. This is something alleviated with ΩMegaSweet.”

March PHE Report

The March PHE report featured new guidelines for the recommended sugar amount in nine food groups including confectionery, cakes, ice creams, yogurts and peanut butter. The U.S. government is targeting a reduction of sugar by 5% across these categories by the year 2018. Companies must also demonstrate a reduction of 20% in total sugar by 2020.

“Since launching the liquid ΩMegaSweet, earlier this year, we have been thrilled with the response from customers old and new,” said Pearce. “This newly developed powdered version moves the science of ΩMegaSweet one step further; as a powder, ΩMegaSweet can be applied to all kinds of foods, including some of the key product categories highlighted by the government in the PHE report from March this year.”

aΩMegaSweet is a registered trademark of Omega Ingredients. 

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