Symrise Introduces Sweet Modulators, Reduces Sugar by 35%


Under Symrise’s Taste for Life Platform, the creation of SymLife Sweet, a sweetness modulator, offers sugar replacement into the beverage segment. SymLife Sweet reduces 35% of sugar in a product in response to consumer and retailer demand for viable sweet solutions without "high intensity sweeteners with off-tastes," explained Emmanuel Laroche, vice president of Symrise’s marketing and consumer insights group and global marketing leader.

Complementing Stevia

“Health conscious consumers – and their number keeps growing – are looking for better nutrition without compromising great taste so it’s logical that interest in reduced-sugar and low-sugar products is high...For example, it works well in products formulated with Stevia to help provide a more natural sugar taste," Laroche said.

Ideally, the sweet modifier is intended to create the taste of natural sugar with minimal caloric value. SymLife Sweet is currently in progress as the company's team finalizes its completion.

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