Indulge in Western-Inspired Cheese Flavors


The indulgent flavors of the West are stemming the tide of Eastern-inspired spicy, health-boosting flavor trends that have dominated the industry. Cheese flavors have risen across packaged food, desserts and restaurant menus in Eastern markets (via Food Navigator).

Seeing Orange

Brands have taken note of habits such as adding a slice of cheese to instant noodles and have begun launching cheese-flavored products in response, such as Malaysian brand CarJen’s Cheese Mushroom and Cheese Curry Oteniq instant noodles.

Crackers and biscuits are not untouched by the trend: New product launches of cheese-flavored options in the segment doubled between 2015–2016. Campbell’s Shapes brand launched Cheesy Cheese and Cheesy Pizza in Malaysia, with a Hot Cheese option in Indonesia.

South Korean desserts are getting a savory makeover as well. Nàturr and Morinaga launched cheese and raspberry ice cream and a Cheese Ice Cream Stick, respectively.

Novel, brightly-colored and innovative items with various textures are also holding strong for Asian consumers, according to Mintel’s 2016 global food and drink trend report, “Eat with Your Eyes;” flavor and texture combinations are a large drawing point.

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