Coconut, Spice and Everything Nice


Turmeric continues to top flavor trend predictions for the coming year as more and more consumers look for cleaner and more nutritional beverage options that deliver beyond refreshment. Flavorman, a Louisville-based beverage development company, set its sights on three top trending beverage flavors for 2017.

Turmeric: Being hailed as the new ginger, the spice’s aromatic flavor and health benefits secured turmeric a place on many a trend list this year. The distinctive yellow spice has been used to provide benefits such as digestive relief and cardiac support. Popular beverage uses include health-boosting teas and cleansing smoothies.

Coconut: This sweet, fresh flavor has been popular for years due to its versatility. Consumers want the freshness of beverages such as coconut water, and connect the flavor with wellness and balance. Its meat, juice, milk and oil have become prominent as natural and healthy solutions, both in beverages and other industries.

Spicy Flavors: As ethnic cuisines find their way into the American diet, hot and spicy beverages have also risen in popularity. The bold and complex flavor profiles that can be created using spices and ingredients such as serrano ghost peppers help to boost metabolism and have other health benefits. Distillers are turning up the heat and creating spicy versions of rum, bourbon and whiskey to feed the trend.


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