Save Room for Whole Foods’ 2017 Trend Forecast


Move over, ketchup. According to Whole Foods Market’s 2017 trend forecast, the classic condiment will take a back seat to globally inspired options with ingredients such as black sesame, pomegranate and habanero.

The list, compiled by global buyers for the grocery chain, also includes:

  • Beverages inspired by alternative medicine and global traditions with ingredients such as medicinal mushrooms, turmeric and apple cider vinegar.
  • Brands that waste not and use grains, whey and other byproducts leftover from existing food production to make new products.
  • Anything coconut, from flours, chips, frozen desserts and tortillas to personal care items.
  • Japanese cuisine favorites such as miso, sesame oil, ponzu and plum vinegar follow sushi and seaweed’s lead into the U.S. market for breakfast and dessert.
  • Fresher and healthier pasta options, made with quinoa, lentil, vegetables or chickpeas.
  • Purple foods that pack a disease-fighting punch, such as packaged potato chips and cereal made with purple corn and potatoes, along with other colorful ingredients.
  • Flexible diets that allow those who partake to eat vegan, paleo or gluten-free on their own schedule.
  • Meal prep that takes advantage of pre-cooked and store-bought sides to save time and money.

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