Fresh Fizz: Bell Develops Vegan Soft Drinks


Recently, beverage trends are undergoing a flavor renaissance, especially juices. From GMO-free, cold-pressed and fermented, it's safe to say that vegetables and fruits are the muse in beverage formulations lately. With the influx of healthy options in beverages, soft drinks have been losing shelf space in grocery stores. What's a flavor house to do?

By combining fruits and vegetables in different combinations, Bell has created taste profiles for its new vegetable-based soft drinks. Cucumber has become the new trend for light alcoholic cocktails, vegan-inspired soft drinks and beverages, such as a cucumber-infused lemonade.

Another trend Bell is formulating is hop, which is used to create a slightly foamy, lightly fruity and floral soft drink. Similarly, Bell's previous flavor formulation, Baikal, a Russion drink, is made from Mirabelle plum or black cherry. Whether fruity or veggie, vegan-inspired soft drinks could be the fizzy health boost that consumers and flavor houses are looking for..

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