3 New Trends Pop Up for Carbonated Soft Drinks


With the category of carbonated soft drinks (CSD) losing shelf space and decreased demand from consumers, CSD companies are looking to expand flavor profiles. Below are three new trends appearing on shelves:

  1. Amping up Classic Cola Flavors: The original flavors of classic colas, like Coca-Cola and Pepsi, are very important to older generations looking for nostalgic tastes. Along with the classic flavors, choices like cherry and vanilla will stick around. 
  2. Craft Soda: With the success of craft beers, beverage companies have been trying to replicate these ideas in soda form. The focus on premium and natural flavors are sure to pack a punch in the next coming year. Using flavors in this type of soda such as, agave vanilla, lemon berry açai and black cherry with terragon will bring new drinks to the everyday table.
  3. Healthier Ingredients: Straying away from high-fructose corn syrup, the taste of many sodas can be altered in favor of more natural ingredients, like cane sugar. 

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