A Bunch of Crunch for 2017


Flavor is no longer the only trend-setter in town. Texture has begun to gain speed as a marketing claim, with 15% of Europe’s 2016 new food releases boasting texture combinations that have been proven to influence taste and satiety. Texture-focused products are expected to influence consumers' choices this year, Mintel shared in its latest study.

Textures are seeing a variety of combinations for different applications to appease an evolving consumer palate (via Food Navigator).

Crunchy: Yogurt products that up the crunch factor with a granola or muesli add-in and other similar products made up 7% of new items with texture marketing in 2016. Also popular are products that mix soft and crunchy textures.

Creamy: Although nothing new, creamy foods have made up 4% of 2016’s new texture-driven products, with companies rebranding existing products to show off their smooth textures.

Crispy: Thin is in, at least for potato chips, savory biscuits and oven pizzas. Labels for baked goods stressed the crispiness of the products inside to appear authentic and appeal to the health and wellness market with reduced dough.

Drinks that pack a punch: Drinks with textures and health properties, such as energy gels and beverages with added-in chia and other hard seeds for an extra boost rose in popularity in 2016, making up 2% of new products.


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