Bright Sparks for 2017: Bell Announces F&F Trends


Will these “sparks” turn into flames? Bell Flavors & Fragrances thinks so. The company released its 2017 Spark trends, identifying flavor and fragrance inspirations expected to hit it big in the U.S. this year.

Bell anticipates flavor to go back to basics with inspirations from around the world, scaled down to a regional and local level. The company’s flavor discoveries include:

  • Plate-passing at izakaya (Japanese-style pubs) and sake bars sprouting up in the U.S.
  • Exotic touches with fruity, spicy surf and turf options inspired by Polynesia
  • Brunch domination for not-so-early birds
  • Throwback to tradition with cinnamon, curry and flavors from Arabic cuisine
  • Elevated staples with unconventional preparations
  • American flavors that range from sea to shining sea, such as chili, vanilla and black pepper

Global inspirations, ageless beauty and a more unisex-mindset helped to determine Bell’s fragrance discoveries, including:

  • Stepping back into nature with fragrances grounded in the outdoors, made with natural and sustainable botanicals
  • Destination scents, inspired by far-away travels to bring a bit of Cuba, Morocco and the like into the everyday
  • Self-care scent-wear: Bringing holistic wellness practices into fragrances with natural ingredients
  • Unisex scents, for fragrance that fits the wearer and not a gender
  • Revived classics that call back to generations past, following the example led by refreshed music and beauty regimens from time gone by

"We are thrilled to launch our next round of Spark trends to ignite your creativity and inspire your senses for product development. We are excited to 'spark' your interests!" said Kelli Heinz, director of marketing and industry affairs at Bell.

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