Ice Cream Textures and Techniques Roll In


Taco Tuesdays just got a lot more exciting—Sweet Cup, a California ice cream shop, has begun selling handmade rolled ice cream tacos every day of the week, offering an on-trend and colorful summer treat.

Flavors include s’mores, matcha, coconut, strawberry shortcake and Oreo, while incorporating current phenomenon such as charcoal and unicorn-everything (Sweet Cup’s “Rainbow Road” variety includes a hot pink shell with Fruity Pebbles ice cream and rainbow candy).

An added element of texture is added with waffle cones, made by the shop in various colors and folded into a taco shell-shape. The treats come topped with whipped cream, colorful sprinkles and other eye-catching adornments—essentially, ready to be shared online (if not with friends in person).

The tacos draw off of recent trends in ice cream preparation, wherein cream, flavors and add-ins are poured on an extremely cold metal surface, then chopped and mixed together with metal spatulas before being smoothed out and dexterously scraped into rolls. The method made its way to the U.S. after rising to popularity when videos of street vendors in Thailand, the Phillipines and other Asian countries preparing the rolled treat went viral online.

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