Taco Bell Releases Summer Freeze Flavors

Mango Whip Freeze from Taco Bell
Mango Whip Freeze from Taco Bell
Retrieved from @tacobell via Instagram

Taco Bell has been serving Freezes alongside its tacos, burritos and quesadillas, since 2013.

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The chain often releases special-edition flavors that only last for a limited time. These include the Baja Blast of 2013, the Starburst Cherry Freeze of 2015, the Wild Strawberry Taco Bell Freeze of 2020 and the Blue Raspberry Lemonade Freeze of 2021.

The newest flavors include Mango Freeze, the slushed ice drink with fruit flavor, and the Mango Whip Freeze, which adds sweet vanilla creamer.  

Roderick Montgomery of Roderick Eats on YouTube, said, "This is completely different to any other Freeze that I've ever had from Taco Bell. This actually has the creamy, smooth consistency of a mango purée." 

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