[Gallery] Givaudan Fine Fragrances’ Launches MyBloom Collection

Givaudan Fine Fragrances introduced its latest collection, MyBloom.
Givaudan Fine Fragrances introduced its latest collection, MyBloom.

Givaudan Fine Fragrances has launched its new collection, MyBloom, which plays off of concepts like self-love, mindfulness and authenticity, and is grouped into five themes: Rebirth & Untethered, Self-Love & Awareness, Glowing Aura, All About Skin and Silhouettes & Voids. The collection coincided with a business-to-business pop-up in New York City.

The collection is based on the approach of “extimacy,” and the blurred line between private and public in today’s technological-focused world. Perfumers at Givaudan had to look inward at their emotions and vulnerabilities to define the collection’s values, and they used the AI-tool Carto to translate them into MyBloom.

Givaudan introduced a new consumer testing methodology in Europe, called “T-shirt Dating,” where questions were asked to the people who smelled the fragrances, as opposed to those who wore them. According to Givaudan, the approach is suitable for millennials who are looking for more authenticity and opportunities to connect beyond appearances and filters.

  • Rebirth & Untethered: finding strength in personal roots and memories to overcome adversity, like a rite of passage
  • Self-Love & Awareness: a warm cocoon of love that can help one find harmony, mindfulness and self-love
  • Glowing Aura: enveloping light, interior and exterior, that makes one radiate with others
  • All About Skin: skin in every condition; a gentle touch, brushing against someone else’s skin
  • Silhouettes & Voids: disincarnation, defining oneself as a photo negative or silhouette

“MyBloom marks a turning point in Givaudan’s creative approach,” said Arnaud Guggenbuhl, global marketing head of fine fragrances. “Using game-changing consumer insights as a starting point and discovering the untapped need for olfactive extimacy, we gave our perfumers complete freedom to seek inspiration within to find what ‘extimacy’ meant to them. We were able to find the right expressions and olfactive designs, and by doing so, we are shaking up the entire way the industry thinks and creates.”

“Introducing olfactive extimacy with MyBloom has been an enlightening experience for our entire perfumery team,” said Felix Mayr-Harting, global head of fine fragrances. “There is a great opportunity to work together with our customers to explore these untapped trends in the fragrance market. The collection offers new creations designed to meet people's desire for authentic, intriguing, and radiant perfumes that reflect who they are.”

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