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Royalty And Fragrance: A Tale Of Two Palaces, Part 1

In our Scent and Spirit edition, part one of this two-part series explores the lush fragrances of the sultan’s court of the Deccan era in India from 15-1700s.

Synthesizing Mayol from Cuminaldehyde

The authors discuss two distinct preparations of the widely used muguet ingredient from cuminaldehyde.

Discovery of Nympheal: The Definitive Muguet Aldehyde

This is the story of Nympheal, which offers with its diffusive fresh, watery-floral, lily-of-the-valley odor a regulatory robust alternative to the existing muguet aldehydes.

New Niche: Simple or Simplistic?

From simple packaging to simple product names, the trends in niche fragrances are seeing a growing demand for minimalism. Are the fragrances themselves following a similar path when it comes to formulations?

Keeping Laundry Detergent Fresh

As consumers become more sophisticated with their fragrance choices in home care, air care, candles and car care among others, fragrances are beginning to emerge as a popular feature in laundry detergent products as well.

[Update] Givaudan Launches Delight Collection

The new range turns taste experiences into fragrances.

Jorge Lee Promoted to Senior Chief Perfumer at MG International

The Colombian born, British naturalized perfumer has more than 22 years of industry experience.

Island Time: Aerin Launches New Scent Hibiscus Palm

The fragrance is inspired by tropical islands, and consists of palm leaf, coconut, and (of course) hibiscus.

Robertet and Ashland Announce Partnership

Robertet’s fragrances will be paired with Ashland technology in personal care, fabric and home cleaning products.

Glossier Debuts Solid Perfume

Packaged in a travel-friendly metal capsule, the anhydrous solid is a version of the brand’s You fragrance.

Britney Spears to Receive Fragrance of the Year at the HBAs

The pop star with a perfume empire will be recognized for her fragrance Fantasy Britney Spears In Bloom.

Method Shines With Metallic-scented Personal Care Products

“We're thrilled that our Urban Metallics look and feel more like home accessories than cleaning products, yet we're just as excited about what's inside our naturally derived products as what they look like.”

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