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Grow Fragrance's Ginger Pumpkin Candle

Grow Fragrance's are plant-based, toxin free and safe for your home.

Christian Louboutin Releases LoubiWorld Fragrance Line

The new scents range from floral to sultry and everything in between.

SIPC to Create Perfumer-Creator Charter

“If some would like to challenge their artistic status, perfumers are indeed creators” explains the independent perfumer, Sylvie Jourdet.

Pure Noir Eau de Parfum by Anine Bing

Pure Noir represents the alliance of softness and strength.

l’Homme À la Rose Eau de Parfum for Men

With this fresh and bright eau de parfum, Francis Kurkdjian gives men the power to wear a rose.

Mutant Flowers: a Crowdfunded Fragrance Collection

As of October 22, 2020, Mutant Flowers has 30 backers behind its collection.

DW Home Launches Thanksgiving Feast Candle

Thanksgiving Feast will make your home smell just like it.

Firmenich Connects Consumer Emotions and Fragrance Trends

The pandemic ultimately united consumers on an emotional level, making them re-evaluate their priorities and product purchases, with specific implications in each country.

Aesop Debuts Three Scented Candles

The candles are each named for an important figure in ancient astronomy.

Love, Anne Eau de Parfum by Anne Klein

The fragrance is fresh and light with floral and musk notes.

Wild Stone Debuts Perfume Tested by Visually Impaired People

Proceeds from the variant’s sale would be donated for the welfare of the visually disadvantaged.

Valmont Releases Mica D'Oro Fragrance

The gourmand fragrance is an ode to pleasure and temptation.

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