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The State of Citrus Oils, 2019-2020

The long-awaited return of a buyer’s market.

New in Niche: White-Space Citrus

Why are current trends in niche perfumery placing citrus notes at the forefront of innovation?

Uncommon Frankincense

A comparison of the resin volatile oil chemistry and botanical characteristics of Commiphora confusa, a relatively unknown frankincense-producing species, and Boswellia neglecta, a well-known frankincense-producing species.

Sozio Announces New Factory in Indonesia

Sozio announced the construction of a new factory in Jakarta: PT Sozio Indonesia.

Cher Releases Fragrance in Scent Beauty Partnership

"The process of creating my own fragrance was very personal," Cher said.

Pantone Goes Classic with 2020 Color of the Year

After several years of bright, candy-colored hues, Pantone has selected a blue tone meant to instill "calm, confidence and connection."

Firmenich Creates the Scent & Taste of Pantone's Classic Blue

Firmenich also announces 2020 flavor of the year.

Natural Advantage Owner Fills Position of President

“I’m excited to be back in control of the company I built from the ground up and look forward to accelerating our market penetration through our tried and tested partnership with Markus and David,” said Natural Advantage, LLC owner Brian Byrne.

ScenTree Launches Interactive Fragrance Material Tool in English

Developed by Maxime Baud and Thomas Espinasse, former ISIPCA students, the tool features a visual "tree" linking various fragrance categories, descriptors and associated materials, including naturals and synthetics.

[Gallery] Givaudan Fine Fragrances’ Launches MyBloom Collection

“Introducing olfactive extimacy with MyBloom has been an enlightening experience for our entire perfumery team,” said Felix Mayr-Harting, global head of Fine Fragrances.

Scentbird Launches Holiday Candle Line

The four seasonally-inspired scents include Cranberry and Spiked Pear; Dark Roast and Caramel; Blonde Tobacco and Cashmere; and Golden Milk and Honey.

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