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Australian Wood Oil Functional Fragrances

Produced through steam distillation of the wood, the procurement and production of the oils are documented to ensure a sustainable and traceable supply.

Firmenich’s Ilias Ermenidis Joins Fine Fragrance Creative Center in Paris

After 25 years in New York, the principal perfumer will relocate to Paris, where he will collaborate with global and strategic clients based in Paris, Italy and Spain.

Ensuring the Future of Boswellia

With thousands of new customers demanding more from fewer trees, both trees and harvesters face a multiplicity of challenges.

Naturally Sourced F&F Ingredients: Regulations and Verifications Through Carbon-14

Authentication of natural substances continue to be an area of major interest for F&F, with programs and regulations using carbon-14 analysis as a method for distinguishing biobased sourced materials from petroleum-derived material.

The Essence of the Whale: Ambergris in the 21st Century

The fragrance ingredient that launched a thousand ships, ambergris, has long been coveted for its properties and complexity. Now, its main chemical component, ambroxide, is telling its own story among a sea of fragrance materials.

Givaudan Rises up to the Highest Climate Action Ambition

The company aims to reduce 70% of its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% in order to limit global warming at 1.5°C.

Perfumer & Flavorist Announces 2020 Editorial Calendar

P&F's 2020 editorial calendar features monthly opportunities for authors to contribute on leading topics driving the F&F industry.

EcoVadis Recognizes Givaudan's Sustainable Procurement Initiatives

Third-party sustainability certifier, EcoVadis, ranked Givaudan in the top 1% of 55,000 companies participating in corporate social responsibility.

Firmenich Continues to Address Sustainable Sourcing and Biodiversity at U.N. Summit

During the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York, Firmenich announced the "One Planet Business for Biodiversity" platform to address alternative agriculture practices and biodiversity restoration to the supply chain.

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