Eat Clean with Protein


Consumers are consistently looking to eat clean and to maintain a healthy lifestyle based on consumption.

Different companies and manufacturers in the food and beverage industries are recognizing these trends and are fervently researching the best type of flavor substitutes and creations.

One recent progressing craze the industry is noticing is foods and drinks with protein. Meanwhile, these consumers are beginning to turn away from popular superfoods, such as quinoa, chia seeds and goji berries.

Sustainability Wins The Race

Consumers are becoming more interested with regional, sustainably sourced ingredients.

“With sustainability increasingly at the heart of business, organizations must seriously consider incorporating the principles of frugal innovation into their value chains and corporate strategies,” said Sarah Boumphrey, analyst, Euromonitor.

With greens, veggies and fruits rising in demand, root vegetable chips made from carrots, parsnip and sweet potato are meeting needs of consumers and are being distinguished as nourishing alternatives to potato chips.

In addition to these chips stemming from vegetables, they also promote health benefits such as supporting a vegan diet and being gluten-free, rich in vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fats and fiber.

“Legumes may lack an exotic ring, but their nutritional properties can match that of any fashionable superfood, be it quinoa, chia seeds or amaranth,” explained Simone Baroke from Euromonitor. “Also, legumes have the major advantage of being so much cheaper to source and neither are they hampered by the precarious supply chain situations that afflict their glitzy supergain cousins.”

Algae Advantages

Algae is recognized to be a lucrative ingredient, with the potential to enhance its range of food and cosmetic products. It contains strong antioxidants, lipids and proteins, which help boost cardiovascular and immune systems and strengthen bone structure.

F&F companies, such as Frutarom, have already begun investing in this marine protein to further advance their biotechnology production processes.

"We foresee the rapid growth in this market continuing in coming years in light of consumer trends towards healthier and more natural products," said Ori Yehudai, chief executive, Frutarom. 

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