Foody Scents Are The Muses Behind Autumn/Winter Fragrance Trends


Inspired by cafe, cocktail and superfood trends, IFRA's recent press release forecasts an autumn/winter season saturated with rich, dark, floral and citrus scents for an emerging unisex market, like Bond No. 9's B9 released this October 2015.

Playing off of the food and beverage industry's application of superfruit and superfood ingredients and flavors, the fragrance industry also adds its own edible twists to scent creation, says Selena Thomas, IFRA UK and CPL Aromas.

This season, expect spicy notes like saffron, pepper, cardamom and sage mixed with fruity notes like pear, raspberry, orange blossom, rhubarb, lychee and quince, says Rachel Thomas, Robertet UK.

More mature, rich notes like salt and rum will be added to contemporary scents in the luxury perfume markets, explains Heidi Envis, Robertet UK. Evans adds cologne is also gaining in popularity with chypre, woody and fruity accords.

Winter will see spicy notes infused with sweeter and lighter notes, adds Roz Wicks of Symrise UK. Consumers will find ginger lily, tuberose, sweet citruses like ruby grapefruit mixed with musk notes like iris and violet this season.

Cafe and cocktail trends are taken a step further in fragrance development using bourbon, cognac, leather, whiskey and sweet tobacco flower for autumn/winter. Unisex scents are also emerging this winter where dark themes prevail: leather, resins and incense, caramel, and coffee, adds Thomas.

As scents become more "foody," cosmetic actives are also playing a leading role in fragrance creation and application. Companies are focusing on adding active ingredients to their contemporary fragrances, expanding product benefits to combat issues like pollution and aging.

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