Sour to Sweet: Miracle Berry Makes Red Wine Taste Better

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The miracle berry is a West African plant that has been used for centuries in local tribes to sweeten acidic diets. It’s treasured due to the fruit’s unique effect on the taste buds and the pulp contains Miraculin, binding the taste receptors to the tongue and transforming the tastes of foods to make them sweeter.

The MiraBurst Easy Melt Tablets are also modifying diet supplements with the help of the miracle berry. By letting one dissolve on the tongue, the flavor of foods will transform into a sweeter, richer flavor. This is all the same effect for wines due to the lowering of the acidity and allowing a smoother taste.

Drinking wine with a MiraBurst Easy Melt Tablet will let the receptors on the tongue perceive a sweeter taste for up to 90-minutes so that the consumer can enjoy the improved taste of wine at a leisurely pace.

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