Beer’s Favorite Cookie

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Flavored Beer

Milk has some competition. The Veil Brewing Co. recently released beer aged with Oreos, giving sweet-toothed stout lovers something to enjoy (via Food & Wine).

The Veil, based in Richmond, Virginia, based its “Hornswoggler with Oreos” on its existing 7% chocolate milk stout Hornswoggler. Hundreds of pounds of Oreos were used in the conditioning process, letting the finished beer soak up Oreo flavor before being strained to remove the cookies. The finished product is sweet, with notes of chocolate and vanilla bean (and a touch of sweetness).

Feeling the Flavors

Sold out, the confectionery beer and others like it are riding the wave of flavored beers that are gaining popularity. As many as 20% of beer drinkers chose flavored beer in 2015, following the popularity of flavored vodka releases. Young women (age 22–34) are leading the charge, making up 39% of flavored beer sippers.

The brew—released in 16-ounce cans at the brewery only—may be available again in coming months. In the meantime, keep an eye out for The Veil’s other specialty beers.

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