Vanillin is the most universally appreciated aroma chemical. Its popularity transcends cultures, thus resulting in its ranking as the number one aroma chemical with respect to its consumption in tonnage. Even on a dollar value consideration, vanillin has few contenders for the top ranking in the world’s list of aroma chemicals.

Vanillin’s organoleptic impression is surprising in view of its chemical nature. It can be considered as a substituted benzaldehyde, yet it lacks an almond impression. When viewed as a substantial phenol, it displays none of the expected carbolic note. It is so unique that it may be safe to say it represents an individual odor class—vanilla!

Vanillin N.F. is a synthetic product. Material available today is a highly pure, refined product, which possesses a pleasant, smooth, creamy-sweet aroma, that is best described by the seemingly redundant term vanilla.

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