Peloton Releases Cascara Tea in 4 Flavors

Photo provided by Peloton
Photo provided by Peloton

Beverage creator Peloton has released a line of superfruit cascara teas made with the shells of coffee beans.  

With a certified USDA organic claim, the teas are created with organic coffee, cane sugar and natural flavorsCascara exhibits a juicy and sweet flavor. The ingredient is also a source of antioxidants, immunity-boosting polyphenols and other phyto-ingredients that benefit brain health. At launch, the beverage will be available in sweetened original, cranberry-lime, apple-pomegranate and peach-ginger flavors.

In addition to its line of cascara tea, the brand also offers a line of cold brew coffees, which is currently available in original, maple and mocha flavors. The company also sources all its coffee cherries and husks directly from Central and South America, to minimize waste and promote sustainability.

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