Forward Thinking: By Nature


Natural and organic food and beauty products are an area of interest heavily driven by consumers’ desire for healthier lifestyles. Trendincite’s Perfumer & Flavorist “Forward Thinking: Crafting Beauty with Nature’s Resources,” article, which appeared in October 2013, examined the evolution of natural products within the beauty segment and focused on fine fragrance and skincare. Two years earlier, Trendincite’s “Forward Thinking: Au Natural,” October 2011 Perfumer & Flavorist article, researched activity in natural fragrances and flavors, with a focus on botanicals, organic, vegan and raw ingredients. Trendincite’s “Forward Thinking: Health Wellness and Reboot” article, which appeared in the April 2016 issue of Perfumer & Flavorist magazine, explored clean labels with organic ingredients and plant-based products, which overlap with the natural trend. All of these trends discussed over the last six years are still relevant. In fact, consumers’ interest and demand for natural products is not waning and has become a global phenomenon.

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