The January 2023 Issue is Now Live

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Welcome to the first issue of 2023! Perfumer & Flavorist+ is ready to find out the next wave of innovation in technology, evolving consumer demands, regulatory updates and launches from F&F companies across the globe. We've tapped industry insiders to weigh in on various markets and have announced our revamped 2023 Advisory Board. 

Meet Perfumer & Flavorist+ 2023 Advisory Board—Discover the latest professionals added to the board.

Editor's Note: Welcome to F&F’s Next Chapter 

Flavor Columns

Profiles: Certified flavorist, Alison Freedman (Firmenich) 

Celebrating Flavorcon’s Return to Cincinnati 

Organoleptic Characteristics of Flavor Materials—This month’s column explores the versatility of heliotropyl acetone, propyl levulinate, propyl caproate, natural and more.

Flavor Bites: 6-Methyl-5-hepten-2-one by independent flavorist, John Wright

Flavor Trends: Exploring the World of Middle Eastern Cuisine by Doug Resh (T. Hasegawa)

Fragrance Columns

Profiles: Perfumer, Darryl Do (Delbia Do) 

The Future of AI x Fragrance by Olivia Jezler, founder (Future of Smell)

Perfumer Notes: Oud by perfumer, Ana Gómez (Iberchem)

The Intensifying Relationship Between Scent and Well-being—The latest innovations and portfolio launches in the functional fragrance market.

Part 2: Application of Gas-Liquid Chromatography to the Analysis of Essential Oils by M.J. Milchard, N.C. DaCosta, R. Esdale, L. Gates, P. MacCormick, P. Merle, G. Moran, N.E. Moss, D.A. Moyler, N. Owen, N. Roach, A. Sherlock, T.D. Smith, B. Starr, J. Webb and R. Wood

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