Symrise Debuts Symlife Platform

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Symlife works to help manufacturers enhance taste and sensation while reducing fat, sugar and salt in food and beverage products.

Symrise debuts the symlife platform for taste balancing solutions and the creation of good-for-you products. These tailored solutions cater to the needs of food and beverage manufacturers, allowing symlife create new products for consumers.

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Symlife works to optimize a product’s flavor profile, helping manufacturers to keep and enhance taste while reducing sugar, salt and fat content. The symlife portfolio can also help mask undesirable notes like bitterness and astringency while improving mouth feel, taste and other sensations.

The symlife platform draws on in-house selection, breeding and cultivation to identify part of the natural taste balancing in raw materials. The platform also uses AI to decode ancient Chinese recipes, for example. Symlife supports the circular economy by developing natural taste balancing materials from side streams and investing in backwards integration and cultivation.

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“Achieving great overall taste in sugar-reduced food and beverages can be complex. Our expertise in natural taste balancing helps manufacturers to develop low sugar and low-calorie products that combine health benefits with great taste. This achieves the elusive goal of making highly appealing tastes part of a healthy, sustainable diet,” explains Leif Jago, global marketer at Symrise.

“We believe in working with our customers as a trustworthy and forward-thinking partner with a broad, superior natural portfolio providing cost-effective, sensorial proven and customizable taste balancing flavor solutions. We also offer added value services such as technical and regulatory consultancy that enable successful formulation and re-formulation of great tasting sugar-reduced food and beverages,” concludes Jago.

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