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Jandico to Represent Essential Oil Producers

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Business consultancy Jandico Limited has expanded its services to the representation of strategically selected essential oil producers, the company announced.

The move was driven by the growing market for short, transparent supply chains. By acting as the sales and marketing arm for a select number of producers, the business model represents both the interests of both the local farmers and the international landscape, increasing producers’ visibility and presenting new supply sources to potential buyers.

Jandico represents essential oil producers from Australia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Haiti, Russia and the United Kingdom (where the company is based). It is currently seeking to selectively build its portfolio.

“Having spent 20 years’ at various positions within the F&F raw materials market, there was an increasing opportunity to piece together aspects of the supply chain which could benefit from being shorter and more transparent,” said founder and director Jonpaul Howarth. “The fewer amount of times a product is handled between the producers and the end users offers both sides of the supply chain many benefits, not just commercially but also in terms of ensuring the quality and integrity of the essential oil remains intact. It also represents an opportunity for both sides of the supply chain to talk to each other, which is a critical factor today to ensure the market supply is better balanced.”