Commbo Calms Your Pet With Aromatherapy

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A dog getting massaged

J-Line has introduced Commbo, a capsule-based aromatherapy device for cleaning and calming dogs and cats.

Similar to capsule-based coffee machines, the Commbo device, a handheld device with several massage features, utilizes individual capsules to administer essential oils and fragrances. Additionally, these capsules come in a variety of different scents and are used for a various purposes. Some of the capsules that will be available include:  

  • Cuddle Me Sweet Capsule for odor control. Using a slightly sweet fragrance, the capsule helps eliminate cat and dog odors. For a more sweet or fresh scent, this capsule is also available in sweet candy and crisp mint scents.
  • Sunny-Side Up Capsule for energy boosting. This Commbo capsule contains citrus scents to promote energy and alertness.
  • Stop Bugging My Fur Capsule for pest control. A capsule that can aid in pest control that also includes a combination of natural oils.

“We know bath time can be stressful for both pets and owners alike, so we set out to create a pet care solution that had never been done before,” said Michael Luu, marketing director at Commbo. “With a wide variety of capsules containing essential scented oils to choose from, each cleaning can become a new bonding experience between pets and their owner.”

Currently, the company is raising $20,000 on Kickstarter to make and market the device, with plans of making it available in the U.S. and online.