Sniffing Strains: Cannabis Aroma Study Released


Olfactory analysis company Headspace Sensory LLC has released its first study on the aromas of different cannabis  strains.

“Smell plays a key role in how people experience cannabis,” said Headspace Sensory founder and managing member, Avery N. Gilbert, Ph.D. “Each strain has its own aroma and the range of smells across strains is extraordinary—it rivals that found in different wines.”

The Study

Conducted in Colorado, the study took several popular strains of cannabis and gave them to volunteers who sniffed and rated them. Participants were also asked to estimate the psychoactive potency of each strain, based on the smell alone.

The study concluded that there were two basic aroma profiles, one being an earthy, woody and herbal profile and the other being a citrus, lemon or sweet profile. Additionally, volunteers assumed citrus, lemon, sweet, and pungent strains were more psychoactively potent.

“The actual amount of THC in each sample had no bearing on smell-based perceptions of potency,” said Gilbert, “Consumer preconceptions are important, and the industry needs to understand them.”

For the full report, visit the PLOS ONE website

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