Raw Material of the Week: Filbertone

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  • Hazelnuts
  • Chemical structure of filbertone

Symrise has introduced filbertone (FEMA# 3761, CAS# 81925-81-7), a fruity, hazelnut odor profile, which can be used in fragrances and flavors offering stable properties. Filbertone occurs in nature and is a suitable ingredient for underlining naturalness.

With its diffusivity performance and high impact benefits, filbertone can be used in a wide variety of fragrance compositions at use level from 0.002% up to 2% enhancing fruity notes in general and building up complexity in citrus accords. Additionally, it rounds off rose, sandalwood and gourmet concepts. Being a flavoring substance, filbertone is typically used between 1 ppb and 50 ppm and creates a distinctive hazelnut character at higher use levels, adding volume to brown flavors and richness to exotic fruit flavors.

Nutty for Filbertone

While filbertone is naturally present in hazelnuts, it can be utilized to enhance top notes of fragrances, in addition to chocolate and candy.

Filbertone can also be used in macadamia and caramel flavors, and used in fragrances like coffee and tobacco.

With a wide variety of uses, filbertone's versatility has room to grow. How would you make use of it?

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