Trend Watch: Indian Mint Oils

Natural essential oils are not only important building blocks in modern day perfumery but are also the best sources for blending natural flavors/fragrances either by direct addition or through their isolates. During a recent conference, Christophe Maubert, the president of Robertet’s fragrance division, said that “all the successful fragrances of the last 50 years have been based on naturals.” Although perfumers have been using synthetic molecules very lavishly, they have to rely on natural essential oils in order to impart a uniqueness or naturalness to their creations.

With the advancement in mint oils, India has become the largest supplier of essential oils worldwide. In this article, I will discuss the present and future scenarios of mint oils from India. M. arvensis Oil

China, an important producer of Mentha arvensis oil until 1991, has diversified into other more lucrative crops, leaving the field open for a new leading producer. India has answered the call and has accelerated its R&D efforts on cultivation as well as processing to guarantee its number one position in world markets; these R&D efforts have placed the country at least five years ahead of competing cultivators (see F-1). Now, India has positioned itself to be the most competitive source for M. arvensis oil for many years to come.

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