BASF, Cosmo International Fragrances & dsm-firmenich Introduce F&F Portfolios

The latest portfolio additions range from natural flavors to pet malodor to fine fragrance creations.
The latest portfolio additions range from natural flavors to pet malodor to fine fragrance creations.
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F&F creators are always on the lookout for new and innovative tools to add to their toolbox. Here are the latest portfolio additions ranging from natural flavors to pet malodor to fine fragrance creations.

BASF Aroma Ingredients Expands Isobionics Portfolio with Natural Flavors

Isobionics, a brand of BASF Aroma Ingredients, has launched two natural products on the flavor market. Isobionics Natural alpha-Bisabolene 98 and Isobionics Natural (-)-alpha-Bisabolol 99 are the latest additions to the Isobionics' portfolio.

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Isobionics Natural (-)-alpha-Bisabolol is said to be renowned for its delicate floral notes, it offers a subtle hint of chamomile, along with hints of sweet, woody undertones, resulting in a truly unique flavor experience. 

Isobionics Natural alpha-Bisabolene 98 is said to improve better flavor development with its creamy milky flavor.

Cosmo International Fragrances Extends ScentSilent Natural Tech to Pet Malodors

Cosmo International Fragrances has expanded the capabilities of the company's ScentSilent Natural Technology to the pet care category, to offer an effective and sustainable solution to pet malodors. The artificial intelligence platform is designed to help transform perfume formulations by eliminating odors as well as obtaining an advanced formula that is said to perform effectively in terms of long-lasting fragrances and sensory performances.

“Pets are considered members of the family for a vast majority of pet owners, and pet ownership is at an all-time high following the pandemic pet boom. Despite rising living costs, pet owners are still spending a lot on their companion animals, which is driving growth in the pet care market”, explained Thomas Delmas, director of the Technology division at Cosmo International Fragrances. 

dsm-firmenich Reveals Dunes – The Valley of Fragrances Collection

dsm-firmenich revealed a new collection of fragrances in an immersive space designed at BeautyWorld 2023 to reflect this year’s theme “Dunes - The Valley of Fragrances.” Throughout the event, dsm-firmenich hosted a synesthetic experience designed to bring together sight, sound and scent.

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Dunes – The Valley of Fragrances is an exclusive collection of fragrances that are being introduced collectively under dsm-firmenich. The collection was said to be designed to merge perfumery and personal care. The collection was created by dsm-firmenich's principal perfumers Sophie Labbé, Ilias Ermenidis and Hamid Merati-Kashani.

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