All For [Yu]: Givaudan Unveils Fine Fragrance Concept


Givaudan Active Beauty has unveiled a new fine fragrance concept, [Yu].

An acronym for “Your Uniqueness,” [Yu] consist of 10 fine fragrances crafted with the company’s microbiome-protecting ingredient, Revivyl.

During the 2017 VIP Party, ten customers were randomly selected for a customized fine fragrance that also protects the skin. Perfumers crafted fragrances based on the winners’ preferences, which were then combined with Revivyl. Each winner received their active perfume in a personalized package, along with a map of their unique skin microbiome.

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Givaudan Active Beauty is constantly striving to combine active ingredients in revolutionary concepts. Beyond the concept of ‘exclusive skin microbiome protecting fragrances’, we are creating new sources of inspiration for our industry,” said Fabrice Lefèvre, marketing and innovation director. “What if you could express how special you are by your fragrance and protect your intrinsic uniqueness? These 10 perfumes are a perfect example of how we create using the synergies between Fragrances and Active Beauty.”

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