Furla Releases New Fragrance Collection

Furla's fragrance collection. Photo: FAnn Parfumerie.
Furla's fragrance collection.
Photo: FAnn Parfumerie.

Furla has partnered with Mavive Venezia to release its first fragrance collection, per RetailTimes.

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The project, Furla Fragrance Collection, contains five fragrances. Each are available in 30 ml (€43) and 100 ml (€85).

The fragrances and key notes include:


  • Head: mandarin, blue lavender, peach

  • Heart: gardenia, white rose, lily of the valley

  • Base: amber, orchid, sandalwood


  • Head: lily, freesia, absolute of orange blossoms

  • Heart: white camellia, tuberose, violet

  • Base: cypress essential oil, white wood, Orcanox (a Mane trade name)


  • Head: blackcurrant, davana essential oils and coriander

  • Heart: peony, jasmine chord, Mugane (a Mane trade name)

  •  Base: sandalwood, patchouli essential oil, vanilla


  • Head: grapefruit, essential oils of green mandarin and velvet

  • Heart: peony, essential oil of magnolia, absolute of jasmine

  • Base: Orcanox, sunny wood, white musk


  • Head: saffron, pink pepper, bergamot

  • Heart: essential oils of rose and geranium, freesia

  • Base: vanilla, Ambramone (a Mane trade name), leather

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