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We transform the ideas of artists and innovators into exclusive, fine fragrances. MANE’s international perfumers draw on over a century of know-how in fragrance creation and extraction technologies, to mix precious, essential oils and innovative molecules that give shape to scents which fulfil consumers’ ever-evolving needs and desires. By merging technology and creativity, our Fine Fragrances Creative Studios has ventured into new olfactive territories, developing some of the most unique, prestigious fragrances in the world.


We awaken the senses by composing delectable, surprising tastes. Our flavours division supports leaders of the food and drink industry by providing cutting-edge solutions for use in beverages, dairy, confectionary products, baked goods, savoury items and more. Through our unique expertise, understanding of consumer preferences and unrivalled knowledge of raw materials, we provide our clients with the best of nature, to enhance their gustative experience.


Our products embody the most exemplary raw materials. With 145 years of experience in producing natural ingredients, we continuously strive to bring our consumers the most delectable, efficient solutions. MANE creates sustainable partnerships with local producers to support artisanal know-how while merging it with our internal expertise. By combining synthetic molecules and natural ingredients from around the world with our in-house technology, we can provide the most comprehensive collection of qualitative, thrilling creations.


By merging state-of-the-art technology and uninhibited creativity, MANE allows innovation to flourish, resulting in unprecedented solutions that stimulate, thrill, and touch consumers. The synergy and collaborative work of our R&D teams translate into breakthrough technologies and research findings. These, in turn, generate unique synthetic molecules and natural raw materials that enrich the palettes of perfumers and flavourists around the world.

Years in business:More than 150 years
Number of employees:7500
Geographic sales distribution:Worldwide
Sales Channel:B-to-B
  • Flavor(Animal Nutrition, Beverage, Dietary Supplements, Pharmaceuticals, Regulatory & Research, Savory Applications, Sweet Applications, Trends)
  • Fragrance(Ambient Scent, Fine Fragrance, Home Care, Oral Care, Personal Care/Beauty, Regulatory & Research, Trends)