Fragrances of the World 2008

Fragrances of the World 2008

Michael Edwards

Hardcover, 196 pages

Published 2007

ISBN: 0-9756097-3-6

With more than 3,300 fragrances launched since 2000, shopping for a new fragrance can be confusing and frustrating. Fragrances of the World 2008 by Michael Edwards, helps make sense of things by classifying more than 5,700 fragrances by family, cross-referenced by gender, brand and year of launch. This “fragrance bible” also lists limited editions and fragrances that were once significant and have since been discontinued.

The 2008 edition adds 815 new fragrances, putting more than 5,700 fragrances at your fingertips. Also, this year's edition has seen the addition of "Gourmand" to each family of fragrances. Angel (1992), with its accents of caramel and chocolate, pioneered the category of gourmand fragrances. Other gourmand notes include butterscotch, candy floss, fudge, praline and toffee. 

What started 24 years ago as a simple yet innovative reference for staff in perfumeries and department stores has now evolved into the world’s most comprehensive fragrance guide.

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