Raw Material Bulletin: July 2014

Ventos supplies hyssop oil (FEMA# 2591, CAS# 84603-66- 7), which is available in two types: Hyssopus officinalis and Hyssopus decumbens. Both are suitable for flavor and fragrance applications. The hyssop oil officinali type is spicy and herbal, thujone- and camphorlike, while the decumbens is sweeter, cineole-like. This product can be used in perfumery to create warm and spicy-herbaceous notes. In flavors, suggested applications include meat sauces and seasonings. It also creates a bouquet in alcoholic beverages. In perfumery, it adds interest and combines well with citrus oils, lavender, sage, laurel, myrtle and eugenol.

This edition features the latest raw materials from industry suppliers, including Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Ultra International, Advanced Biotech, Perfumers World, Sigma Aldrich, Natural Advantage and Senomyx. Ingredients include rose Istanbul, 3-nonen-2-one, acerola extract and more.

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