Reimagining Green Notes

Perfume bottle on pink background
Perfume bottle on pink background

*Editor's Note: In this first in a series of articles, Marypierre Julien offers a perfumer’s perspective in discussing ingredients and their applications in fine fragrance.

Green notes have always been among my favorites because they remind me of my childhood and are reminiscent of nature, freedom and joy. And I have always been particularly attracted to green notes in perfumes. The first perfume I owned was Cristalle by Chanel. I love that its stemmy galbanum top note is married with the sparkling citrus on a bed of woods; it is so elegant. U.S. consumers’ tolerance of green notes is low, and the challenge is to use them in the right amount to provide naturality in the perfumes. They are more widely accepted by consumers when combined with fruit, juicy citrus and floral notes.

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