MSCHF Debuts Luxury Axe Perfume

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The most treasured brand in luxury fragrance, Chanel No. 5, meets the most reviled scent in locker rooms everywhere. Photo: MSCHF.

MSCHF has launched a luxury Axe Body Spray: Axe No.5 Parfum Spray Essence of Bro.

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Axe No.5, imagined from Chanel No.5., has the same square glass bottle but with a bright green perfume inside. 

The parfum spray retailed for $400 and is currently sold out. 

As for the fragrance itself, the perfume is described as, "Certain smells are ubiquitous in American culture, and Axe Body Spray is one of them. “Iconic” is in no way synonymous with “good,” and in the fragrance world, Axe deserves the label as much as Chanel."

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