Ånd Fragrance Launches Solid Perfume

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Tag solid perfume is 100% natural with ethically-sourced fragrances as solid perfume suspended in regenerative butters.

Ånd Fragrance by perfumer Simon Constantine has launched its eco-friendly solid fragrance, Tåg.

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The solid fragrance is hand-crafted from Ecuadorian tagua nuts, suspended in regenerative butters and featuring caps fashioned from responsibly recycled drinks cans.

All five fragrances are available in a 5 g solid form and retails for £35. This includes: 

  • Beån: A warm mix of tonka from the heart of the Amazon with ethically sourced and sustainable Brazilian orange oil, lavender, neroli and fennel. 

  • Sånd: Australian sandalwood, ethically and sustainably sourced banana, cardamom and black pepper, with labdanum and benzoin resin.

  • Båre: A fragrance encapsulating the heart of the forest with essence of the Great Bear rainforest, Douglas fir, Western red cedar, shore pine and a vanilla base.

  • Frånk: Inspired after the perfumer’s trip to Somaliland, it has notes of frankincense, fresh citrus and fruit gums.

  • Måd: Has notes of Madagascan vanilla, blackcurrant, ylang oil, vetiver, violet, musk, jasmine and cloves.

Each fragrance aims to champion ways of living with ecosystems as a way of solving future needs.

Ånd Fragrance donated 100% of the proceeds (minus VAT) from the first 100 bottles of the special 10 ml edition of Beån, which features Kayapō community-grown and harvested tonka beans, to the Raoni Institute to directly help fund the purchasing of basic hygiene equipment and supplies to help the local population.

Constantine said, “The concept came from a feeling that the world was suffering fear and confusion and that it was time for some positive solutions to the problems we all face. Obviously perfume is a strange place to start but it’s my craft and the only way I could see to make a contribution."

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