Mozzafiato's Must-Have Italian Fragrances

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Storie Veneziane's The Lady Code, Acca Kappa's Black Pepper and Sandalwood and Tutotondo's Erbe Alpine.

Mozzafiato has curated a list of the top must-have Italian beauty products.

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We've selected five fragrances from the list ranging from unique packaging to luxury priced and of course the best seller. 

1. Black Pepper and Sandalwood eau de parfum 

The only one on the list to be currently sold out is Acca Kappa's Black Pepper and Sandalwood eau de parfum which retails for $96.

This popular fragrance has notes of bergamot, elemi, davana, saffron, cloves, nutmeg, balsam fir, patchouli, Haitian vetiver, sandalwood and black musk.

2. The Lady Code

On the luxury side comes Storie Veneziane's The Lady Code, inspired by different textures of fabrics and powerful women around the world.

It features spicy top notes of pink berries, a sensual heart of jasmine and almond accents. The 100 ml bottle retails for $298.

3. Arcipelago Uomo 

Acqua Dell'elba has a perfect summer time scent with its Arcipelago Uomo fragrance.

It has notes of sage, pepper, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, cedar and cypress for an embodiment of a coastal stroll. The 3.3 fl oz fragrance retails for $104. 

4. Spritz Veneziano

Tuttotondo's unique packaging matches the cheerfulness from the fragrances themselves. 

Tuttotondo's Spritz Veneziano is a tribute to prosecco with notes of lemon, orange, vanilla, amber and musk.

5.  Erbe Alpine

The Erbe Alpine from Tuttotondo has a more woodsy scent with a base of cedar wood and musk, with an ode to the uncontaminated area of the Alps, and of the Dolomites in particular. 

The fragrance has notes of bergamot, orange, lemon, coriander, pine balm, eucalyptus and rose. The effect of the essential oils, together with a fresh, balsamic perfume, relieves muscle tension and encourages the complete relaxation of body and mind.

Both of Tuttotondo's 100 ml fragrances retail for $53 each.

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