Shake It Off: New Shamrock Flavors Hit the Menu


The time has come: Shamrock Shakes are available at McDonald’s once more. Breaking away from the traditional vanilla plus mint combination, the fast food chain is offering five Shamrock options, available for a limited time (via Brand Eating).

Shamrock Shakes long held a spot in McDonald’s spring lineup, with demand driven by its limited availability and the 32% of consumers who change their flavor preferences based on the season (according to Technomic). McDonald’s may be trying to attract younger consumers with its new options, given Generation Z’s penchant for flavor combinations and customization for Millennials and Gen Zers alike.

 Look for these new flavors at McDonald’s locations:

  • Original: Vanilla soft serve mixed with mint-flavored green Shamrock Shake syrup, sprinkled with green sugar crystals for a new twist on the classic whipped cream and maraschino cherry topping
  • Chocolate Shamrock Shake: Chocolate shake layered with original Shamrock Shake, topped with green sugar crystals, whipped cream and a cherry
  • Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe: Minty Shamrock Shake syrup mixed with a chocolate chip frappe, finished with green sugar crystals, whipped cream and a cherry
  • Shamrock Hot Chocolate: Refresh with mint while keeping hands warm with steamed milk, chocolate syrup and Shamrock Shake syrup
  • Shamrock Mocha: Espresso meets mint for this energy booster made with Shamrock Shake syrup, steamed milk and chocolate syrup

Source: Brand Eating

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