Fresh Produce Trending Strongly in 2016


Move over meat! Fruits and vegetables are pushing animal protein off the plate.  According to a recent article on, the increased use of fresh produce, especially specialty items, is said to be trending strongly for 2016.

Here are the three reasons why:

1. Consumers More Health Conscious

As part of the health and wellness lifestyle trend, consumers are looking for natural, less-processed, better-for-you products. Naturally, consumers are gravitating toward green vegetables and fruits, putting them in the limelight. Flavors in this group include avocado, pear, broccoflower and green jackfruit.

2. Keeping Things Fresh

Vegetables are more seasonal than animals, which add menu excitement for restaurants. In addition, veg-forward restaurants no longer sell food that tastes like punishment. They're serving great meals composed mostly—or entirely—of vegetables that are great to look at, satisfyingly memorable and compatible with wine.

3. Hiding the Greens

Consumers know that they need to eat more greens, but shy away because of taste expectations. Children can be encouraged to eat more through hidden vegetable products, while the rise of fusion smoothies and high vegetable pastas indicates that adults can also be encouraged to increase their intake.

What are some of the bigger players paving the way for fruits and veggies? Look for a continued increase in consumption of berries, which in general are chock-full of antioxidants. Another nutritional powerhouse is beets, especially juiced, because they are rich in betalains, antioxidant compounds folate and fiber, and the minerals manganese, potassium, copper and magnesium.

Also, heirloom ingredients are making a comeback, and that plants are playing a meatier role in a surprising number of products, and not just for vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

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