Avocado, Spinach and Other Vegetable-inspired Scents

Vegetable-inspired scent profiles are moving beyond avocado and cucumber to unusual fragrances such as spinach, broccoli and peppers.

"Most are positioned within niche brands but many are already proving popular in Asia and starting to enter U.S. and European markets," says Miri Scott, fragrance insight manager for Seven Scent.

The company has created fragrance concepts for body lotions, shampoos and shower gels, including kale, which is both a superfood and a material embraced in skincare and even nail varnish products.

Scott explains, "We have harnessed the essence of this leafy vegetable in a rural fragrance which blends pea pods, green olives and fruity melon against a backdrop of forest woods."

The company has also created a scent comprising notes of green tea and wheat grass, in addition to a fragrance that combines cucumber, avocado, jasmine, cyclamen and mimosa.


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