Foregoing Salt and Sugar Without Sacrificing Taste


Consumers are looking for healthier snacking options, particularly ones with low sodium and sugar. Companies are responding with out of the box flavors and ingredients that do not sacrifice taste for health.

Be bitter and sour, not salty and sweet

U.S. consumers are greatly reducing the amount of sodium and sugar in their diets, which has created a challenge for food manufacturers. Companies have found adding bitter and sour flavors to snacks help to fill the void that less sugar and salt leaves.

For example, earlier this year Wixon launched its Sour Lift, which enhances sour flavor without acid, and reduces the need for sugar while neutralizing bitter flavors.

The beverage industry is also bringing a focus to bitter flavors with herbal cocktail bitters, matcha green tea and beer formulations.

Ancient flavors

Market research firm Packaged Facts found that 19% of U.S. consumers said they have purchased food with ancient grains, which have traditionally included cereals, breads and granola bars. However, ancient grains have begun popping up in the ingredients list of snacks, salads, boxed dinner mixes and yogurts.

Mondelez, who recently announced a new commitment to remove artificial colors and flavors from their brands by 2020, plans to offer more healthy snacks in the coming years.

To start, the company is expanding distribution of their wholegrain belVita bars, which are already available in 50 countries, to China.

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