Wixon Launches Bitter Neutralizer

Wixon recently launched its sour enhancer, Mag-nifique Sour Lift, to add to the company's sour solutions and 2015 flavor repertoire

Previous studies found that acid in foods and beverages is what stimulates the sour taste. Sour Lift enhances sour flavor without adding acid. Wixon combined both non-GMO natural ingredients and patented GRAS ingredients to modify flavors in confectionery, chewing gum, beverages and baked goods.

Sour Lift also reduces the need for sugar, while neutralizing bitter flavors, which are especially common in Greek yogurts, pickling and vinegar products.

“Emerging research has shown that consumers seek to intensify sour flavor experiences, or view sourness as a cue that there is no or less sugar in the product,” comments Leda Strand, Wixon’s vice president of research and development.


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