Mondelez Removing All Artificial Flavors and Colors From Snack Brands


In a recent conference, chief growth officer at Mondelez, Mark Clouse, announced a new commitment to remove artificial colors and flavors from their brands by 2020.

Clouse was reported saying that consumers are demanding more from their snacks, and that well-being is the biggest opportunity for growth in the snack industry. Clouse presented that a greater focus on well-being innovation is already impacting their portfolio positively, and reported a goal of targeting 50% of revenue in well-being snacks by 2020.

Mondelez goals for 2020 include:

  • Reduce saturated fat by 10%;
  • Reduce sodium by 10%;
  • Increase whole grains by 25%;
  • Simplify ingredients;
  • Remove artificial colors and flavors; and
  • Execute front-of-pack calorie labeling globally.



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