Can Aromas Dictate Our Taste Buds?


Scientists and food companies are now experimenting with "phantom aromas" to trigger the brain to produce taste using smell tricks. This lets you taste a flavor that doesn't technically exist in the food.

Robert Sobel, the vice president of research and innovation at the flavor company FONA International has been researching ways to use smell to manipulate our brains into thinking that food contains high levels of sugar and salt when in reality it doesn't.

Perfumer & Flavorist insight:

Taste buds can be tricky to work with as they crave specific foods, which complement smells. However, staying healthy is important for the growing health-conscious consumer. In order to omit some salt or sugar, while maintaining flavor integrity, cooks, scientists and other professionals are exploring how taste modification can affect sensory perception.

Learn more from Food World News website. 

Further, at the 2015 P&F Flavorcon conference (November 16–17), Paul Wise, associate member, Monell Chemical Senses Center, will present recent research regarding the taste-smell interactions in the brain.

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