Monk Fruit Juice Launched as Sugar Substitute


As juices and other beverages gain popularity with consumers, Monk Fruit Corp., took the opportunity to launch Sweet-Delicious monk fruit juice, a new way to reduce sugar and calories.

With a low calorie count and a clean flavor profile, Sweet-Delicious is a new alternative to an artificial sweetener or any other ingredient interfering with taste.

“Using Sweet-Delicious monk fruit juice, formulators can significantly reduce or replace added sugar, and achieve a clean label with a consumer-friendly, simple fruit juice ingredient,” said David Thorrold, general manager sales and marketing at Monk Fruit Corp., in a press statement. “When you consider the evolving consumer perceptions around natural, Sweet-Delicious monk fruit juice is a compelling alternative for sugar and calorie reduction.”

International Growth

Among the product launches in the United States and China, this ingredient is getting adopted worldwide by suppliers. Inline Nutrition, based in Dunedin, utilizes Sweet-Delicious in powder-form for their entire protein supplement range.

New Zealand cereal and product development company, Smartfoods—owners of Vogel’s cereal brand—has also been working with the monk fruit juice.

“We have worked with the usual natural high intensity sweeteners, but monk fruit juice concentrate has outperformed the alternatives in terms of taste, while also offering a very consumer-friendly ingredient label,” said King Chok, innovation and product development manager at Smartfoods, in the statement. “Because of these benefits, we have incorporated monk fruit juice in a new product formulation that we have just completed for a major Australian supermarket chain.”

According to Thorrold, within three years, the company suspects regulatory approvals and product introductions to reach nearly 75% of the world’s population.

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