Healthy Cereals Come in a Variety of Flavors

A healthy way to start the day, cereals—both warm and cold—are a popular breakfast food around the world. As nutrition, convenience and flavor trends change, Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) observes innovative new cereal product development. Globally, new hot and cold cereals feature more natural, nutritious ingredients with flavors that can still appease people’s taste buds. 

With food purity and health becoming increasingly important to consumers, natural and organic ingredients have achieved popularity across all food categories. Cereals are no exception. Boasting whole grains, no additives and nutritious vitamins and minerals, many new cereal products have all natural ingredients or contain no additives and preservatives. 

In Taiwan, Mayushan Foods recently released two healthy hot cereals: Greenmax Nutritious Cereal made with pure, natural grains and Finland Ice Lake Organic Rye Flakes made with Finland organic black rye. Greenmax Nutritious Cereal is vegetarian-friendly, while Finland Ice Lake Organic Rye Flakes is certified halal and organic by EVI of Finland. The rye flakes contain dietary fiber, omega-3 and multiple vitamins and minerals for good health. 

In Mexico, Kellogg features a Cinnamon Harvest Cereal under its Kashi Organic Promise brand. With packaging that features natural, fresh images to advertise the product’s healthy content, Kashi Organic Promise Cosecha de Canela Cereal de Trigo is kosher and made of organic whole wheat biscuits. For flavor, the cold cereal is baked with cinnamon and natural sweeteners.


Though healthy and nutritious cereals may appeal to adults, kids do not always get as excited. With store aisles full of sugary, chocolaty indulgent cereals, manufacturers face a great deal competition for children’s attention and desire. Adding vitamins, calcium, fiber and iron to sweet cereals is one way that companies are trying to appeal to both parents and children. Health-enhanced, yet tasty products offer the nutritious profile that parents look for with the sweet flavor that children want. 

Helios Granola Con Pasas Y Marshmallows (granola with raisins and marshmallows) in Guatemala perfectly walks the line between healthy and indulgent. With seven vitamins, iron and zinc, the 100% natural cereal will please adults looking to feed themselves and their children a healthy breakfast. And with the addition of honey and marshmallows, the cereal becomes more of the sweet treat that kids enjoy. Helios even advises trying the granola with everything from yogurt to fruit to ice cream. 

In India, Kellogg features Chocos Toffee Chocolaty Toffee Solid Breakfast Cereal with a cartoon character on the box to market the product as kid-friendly. In addition to its sweet flavor, Kellogg’s cereal is identified as a source of protein and fiber. It is vegetarian, low in fat, high in calcium, free from cholesterol and enriched with 11 essential vitamins and minerals.

Fruit Flavors

Chocolate flavors may be popular for children, but fruit flavors also feature prominently in new cereal product development. Strawberries and other red berries are popular, as are antioxidant-rich and currently fashionable ingredients like cranberry, blueberry and pomegranate. In Italy, Quaker launched a new Red Fruit variety for its Cruesli Cereal. The crunchy muesli cereal contains cranberries and strawberry pieces and an added cherry flavor. It is made with crunchy roasted oats, wheat and rice, claiming to give the body vital nutrients and a great taste all at the same time.

Savory Flavors

Though sweet flavors such as apple and cinnamon and maple and brown sugar are the norm in Europe and North America, savory flavors often appear in Asian hot cereals. From sesame to crab to generic “meat” flavor, new Asian hot cereals boast a range of savory flavors that expand the appeal of hot cereal breakfasts. 

Xian Weixing Food in China recently released Hongshengxiang Instant Breakfast Fried Flour in onion flavor. The hot cereal is made from refined flour, cattle marrowbone oil, almonds, black sesame, sunflower seeds and peanut kernels. It is said to be full of nutrients and aromatic, for those looking for a nutritious, savory breakfast. Likewise, in Hong Kong, Quaker Foods & Beverage sells Instant Fresh Milk Oatmeal Hokkaido Style. With packaging that describes the hot cereal as extremely tasty, the flavor is identified as Scallop & King Crab.

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